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The seasons change and so does the beer. Autumn has always been considered beer season, more specifically rich hearty lagers with traditional German roots that pay homage to the original craft brewing revolution that began more than ten centuries ago.

Weihenstephaner - for nearly 1000 years this brewery has been churning out incredible Hefe Weizens and bottom fermented beer. The brew we've included is a benchmark Marzen Festbier.
Lefthand - Colorado OG brewery makes some great Festbier with spot-on toasted malts.
FD Octoberfest - After drinking 11th Sour this Summer, my interest in this semi-local hidden gem brewery from Dover Delaware was renewed. Great beer without spending a fortune imagine that!
Funktoberfest Imported German malts and hops done in a totally unorthodox rendition, and we like it.
DuClaw A Maryland staple since 1996, slightly different every year with about 30 IBUs of tasty hops.
Shiner - Jewel of Texas, this brew tastes more like a Brown Ale than a lager, easy drinker at 5.7%.

Food Pairings: Porchetta, pork chops, acidic Italian dishes, tomato topped pizzas, or pizzas with toppings, grilled chicken, fish, vegetables, sausage, schnitzel, and roast beef, tacos, or mac & cheese recipes. Really any food that is acidic, salty, smoked or grilled will work well. The bready toasted malts, caramel and spicy peppery hops will balance and enhance both plate and pint.

Cheeses: smoked Gouda, Gruyere, Fontina

Limited Quantities.